Q: What is Must Love Sports? 

A: We are an organization that empowers sports industry and industry-adjacent professionals to embrace change by connecting and collaborating at events across the sports calendar.


Q: What Is Must Love Sports Next gen?

A: This collaboration is geared towards balancing thought leadership with candid conversations and quality interactions, in a welcoming environment with like-minded and like-level nominees from diverse organizations.

Q: WHat the heck is a collaboration anyway? 

A: Don't call this a conference! This collaboration, unlike any given conference, affords participants the opportunity to productively engage with others to impact successful professional partnerships in the future. 

Q: Who will be there? 

A: Senior leaders nominated to represent their organizations as the next generation to champion change cross the industry, industry-adjacent and beyond. 

Q: What does the price/fee include?

A: The price is unbeatable compared to other, less beneficial events. The fee is inclusive of two (2) days lodging, programming, transportation, all food and beverage while on-site at the St. Regis  and High West Saloon. 


Q: So, what's in it for Me (The nominee)? 

A: It is a rarity that we can step away from our day-to-day to be inspired, challenged and reenergized. Must Love Sports Next Gen will allow for all three in a setting of peers who are also poised for greatness, just like you. 


Q: So, what's in it for Us (Your Organization)?

A: Thought leadership and innovation are key to success. Empowering employees to learn and grow in a setting like Must Love Sports can provide a positive impact that is felt well beyond the individual contributor and often times, throughout the organization.